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Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of having your water meter stolen or damaged? Thieves have a special liking for water meters because of the brass and copper valves that bring good value to them in the scrap market. However, it can prove costly for you especially if your business has a daily requirement for water to facilitate production and operations. As a result, it is prudent for you to stay protected. Our water backflow meter cages are expertly designed to ensure the safe and secure protection of water backflow meters, preventing tampering and damage.

Northside Enterprise can provide you with a range of sturdy protective cages that will ensure the protection of your water backflow meters against theft and save you the inconvenience it causes. Our range of cages – from wall mounted to ground-mounted types – are there to suit every need and we can also make the products as per your specific requirements. We design the meter theft prevention cages keeping in mind the need for accessibility for the meter reading, allowing this to be done without the need for opening the cage.

If you are setting up the meter protection cage for a high-risk area such as a public building, school, or hospital, we will help provide a tamper-proof locking system to ensure better protection. All our cages are designed to comply with the national industry standards.

These cages are essential for safeguarding the integrity of water supply systems and maintaining compliance with regulations. Crafted with durable materials, our water backflow meter cages offer robust protection against harsh weather conditions and external forces. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, our water backflow meter cages provide peace of mind, knowing that your water supply is safeguarded. Request a quote today and fortify your water supply system with Northside NZ’s reliable and sturdy meter cages.

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