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45kgs LPG Bottles Cage

At Northside Enterprise, we are well aware of the need to provide security for your LPG cylinders and gas bottles as this is a requirement of compliance for the gas industry. Keeping this in mind, we undertake all our manufacturing with a 20mm nominal bore and 27mm outside diameter of galvanized steel pipe, complete with 50mm of galvanized chain link mesh exterior.

We deliver all gas cylinder stores to your destination in a completely assembled condition. The storage units are constructed using robust welded steel framework to ensure high security and durability. There is also a profiled metal roof that gives superior weather protection. Adequate ventilation is afforded thanks to the open mesh door panels and wall.

The finishing on every gas cylinder storage cage involves a galvanized coating of hot dip zinc. There is no requirement for maintenance of this coating but it ensures a sleek, protective matte finish.

All our gas and LPG cylinder storage units come with a safety sign fitted to the door. The doors are either hinged or sliding and can be padlocked. The cylinders need to be stored upright and secured to the gas cylinder cages by means of safety chains.

Besides our standard range of products, we also offer custom manufacturing of gas cylinder storage cages to meet unique client requirements, all with a quick turnaround time. Our team of experts can help you decide on a range of customized features.

Our 45kg LPG bottles cage is designed to provide safe and secure storage for gas cylinders, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. With robust construction and reinforced materials, our cages offer reliable protection for your 45kg LPG bottles. Ideal for various industries, construction sites, and commercial spaces, our cages are engineered to withstand heavy-duty usage. Ensure the safety of your workplace and personnel with Northside NZ’s premium 45kg LPG bottles cage. Request a quote today and elevate your gas cylinder storage to a new level of security and efficiency.

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