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Delivery available for all over New Zealand.

We manufacture custom made fire proof wall or cages as per customers’ requirements and help to pass the compliance certificates to fit the purpose. We are using galvanized metal sheet

(Metal sheet thickness as per customer’s requirements) with galvanized metal frame of Round or Square pipes, use rivets or screws to fix the sheet with frame as per requirements. Also we modify old cages or old design wooden frames with these metal sheets to fit them for the purpose. We will visit your site for installation. After installation, we use the concrete or fireproof substances to make it airtight.

Custom made Gates

We manufacture standard or custom-made gates ranging from 500 MM to any size. These gates will be Wheel gates, hinged gates, swing gates, or farm gates. We use different diameters round pipes or square pipes as per customer’s need with different options.

Our all products are fully galvanized also all welded hinges will be protected with galvanized paint.

We also Redesign your old gate with a new design and give your house, farm, or business a new look. For all your Standard or custom-made designs send us an enquiry email or call us.
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