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Fence and Grills

We secure your property with fences and grills as per your need any size. We use galvanized chain link mesh ( Thickness or Diameter as per customer requirements available). We provide the best service with time effective mode. We have different types of fencing designs available. Contact us for more details.

Our security fence and grills are expertly crafted to provide the utmost protection for your property and premises. Whether you need to secure a commercial establishment, industrial site, or residential property, our durable and reliable security solutions have got you covered. Our security fences act as a strong physical barrier, deterring intruders and safeguarding your assets. The grills offer an added layer of security for windows and entry points, ensuring peace of mind. With a focus on quality and functionality, our security fence and grills are designed to meet your security needs effectively. Enhance the safety of your property with Northside NZ’s trusted security solutions. Request a quote today to fortify your premises with our top-notch security fence and grills.


Fencing refers to a structure typically made of posts and panels that encloses an area or serves as a boundary. Fences can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, or composite materials. They are commonly used for privacy, security, and aesthetic purposes. Fences can be installed around residential properties, commercial buildings, or public spaces to mark boundaries, provide security, and define the property’s perimeter.


Grills, often referred to as grilles or gates, are usually metal structures that act as barriers to control access to a specific area. Grills are typically made of steel, wrought iron, or aluminum and feature decorative patterns or designs. They are commonly used to secure entrances, driveways, or openings while allowing visibility and airflow. Grills can be installed as standalone units or in combination with fencing to enhance security and add visual appeal.

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